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Standard Guide to the Jewish and Civil Calendars

 The Standard Guide to the Jewish and Civil Calendars, 1899 - 2050

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Great for Geneology, too

Ancient Secrets of Creation: Sepher Yetzira, the Book that Started Kabbalah, Revealed


Most religions deny the truth of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Yet, they cannot deny that their own religions have evolved. Surely, a member of a religious sect cannot believe that others in the faith practiced the same way fifteen hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago, or even 500 years ago, as he or she does today. When we speak of Kabbalah today, we think of such concepts and ideas as: Adam Kadmon, the Shekhinah, the Tree of Life, the Four Worlds, and so forth. These are not present in Sepher Yetzira, the oldest known book on Jewish mysticism. Sepher Yetzira talks extensively about the sephirot, but their contents and framework are different than present-day Kabbalah. Even the concept of the Ayn Sof is far less polished than it is at present. The Hebrew letters as creative forces, not affective characteristics, is a key to understanding Sepher Yetzira, . But, you’ll not find this in today’s Kabbalah. Kabbalah has evolved, and as it evolved the original foundations and perspectives, which enabled it to grow and thrive are now lost. In Ancient Secrets of Creation, I have endeavored to capture the ancient meanings and contexts of the schemes it presents, basing my translations on texts and ideas that existed during or before the the authorship of Sepher Yetzira.

Public Education in Camden, N.J.

Public Education in Camden NJ: From Inception to Integration

A History of urban education from 1825-1950

Reclaiming the Messiah

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A story of the return of the Messiah and the most magical objects in all of Judaism: the Urim and Thummim.

"A riveting read of Jewish religious intrigue"
Midwest Book Review

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